how it began


our history

In March of 2008, a team of 20 people living and serving Jesus in Harrisonburg, Virginia, began to meet up and think through what it would look like to start a new church. The desire was to go to a major city of influence; one where millions of people lived. Later that year, God made it clear that Tampa, Florida was going to be that location. 

After months of prayer and planning, the team began to relocate to Tampa to initiate the new church plant in the spring of 2009. The team members immediately got to work and began building relationships, intentionally sharing and living out the gospel, and holding Bible studies out of their homes as well as on the campus of a local university. What God created as a result of all of this was Aletheia Church in Tampa.

Since then, a vibrant, growing, multi-generational, gospel-centered community has been established. We have seen hundreds of lives impacted by the saving grace of Jesus. Our global reach has extended itself to places such as The Dominican Republic, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, Spain, and Thailand.

Over the last 8 years we have seen three other churches planted out of Aletheia Tampa -- Gainesville, Seminole Heights, and St. Petersburg. In September 2018 we planted our fourth church in eight years when we sent out Pastor Ian Thomas to start The King’s Church in Lakeland, FL. By God’s grace we have planted a new church out of Aletheia Tampa at an average of one every two years since 2009.


We desire for our community and our world to know and experience the love of Christ. We are who we are because of God and what was accomplished when he sent his son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins. Therefore we do what we do because of Christ. Everything we are is informed by a desire to see a greater worship of Jesus.