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The teachers of Aletheia Jr. are responsible for teaching and ministering to the children on Sunday mornings at Aletheia.

The teachers serve the overall mission of Aletheia Jr. to partner with parents to build a gospel-centered spiritual foundation for children’s lives; teaching from the scriptures and helping parents proclaim to the next generation who God is and what he has done. Our purpose and desire is to share the Gospel and story of Jesus with the children of Aletheia every single week through the teaching of God's Word and coordinating activities and opportunities to worship. Our hope is to create an environment that fosters a sense of community, learning, and most of all a love for Jesus and for one another.


  • Must be a regular attender of Aletheia

  • Must be a member of a City Group

  • Pass a background check


How often will I be scheduled to serve in the classroom?
You will be scheduled to serve about one Sunday a month, every 4-5 weeks depending on the number of teachers in your classroom.

Will I always be in the same class/age group?
Our desire is to really know, love and serve the children at Aletheia. We feel that desire is accomplished best through teachers who are investing in one specific classroom, allowing the teachers to really get to know the children and parents.

What class will I be serving in?
It's up to you! We currently have 4 different classrooms representing 4 different age groups. You will have the opportunity to make the decision regarding which classroom you find to be the best fit. During your training you will shadow in the classroom of your choice and then make the decision as to whether that age group is the best fit.

How will I be scheduled to serve?
Teachers are expected to utilize the church management system for scheduling. Messages and assigned serving dates will be sent from the class lead and the teacher's responsibility is to accept or deny the date assigned.

What if I am unable to serve on the Sunday I am assigned to volunteer?

  • If the teacher cannot fulfill a day they are scheduled to serve - it is their responsibility to first try and find a substitute.

  • If they cannot find a substitute on their own, they then work with their classroom lead to find a solution.

How will I know what I am going to be teaching on the Sunday I am serving?
The lesson will be sent to the teachers the week they are serving. We ask that the teachers read over and become familiar with the lesson prior to Sunday morning.

Do I need to bring the lesson with me? Will I need to provide any supplies for the classroom?

Teachers will find the lesson in the provided Lesson Bin under the labelled date. No need to print out the emailed lesson.

Any resources or supplies the teachers need for the lesson or daily activities will be provided by the classroom lead.

What time do I have to be at church when I'm serving? And what time will I be finished?
A typical Sunday teacher schedule is listed below.

9:00 am - Classroom Set-Up
9:30 am - Aletheia Jr. Huddle
9:45 am - Welcome Children
10:00 am - 11:30 am - Follow Classroom Specific Schedule
11:30 am - Child Pick-Up & Tear Down
12:15 pm - Tear Down Complete


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